Wiki’s in My Classroom

In response to my 4-D-1 assignment:

Is there a particular example of a classroom wiki which inspired you? I know that there has not been just one that has inspired me. I have looked at a lot of them and like many different parts of a variety of them. I generally gravitate to the elementary only sites which lend themselves to the general likes and abilities of a 6th grader.   

 What was most challenging about creating a wiki together as a group in 
Activity 4-C-1
?  I think that the most challenging item came from deciding what each person was going to do. Once we collaborated and agreed on subtopics, we were all good with the development of our wiki. 

What did you learn from the group wiki project?  I learned that when everyone works together, you get a great end product. I liked the fact that each person provided part of our complete project and learning from them is a bonus.

Has your opinion of Wikipedia changed at all this week? Yes it has! I feel that Wikipedia has much information that should be considered truthful. I see now where many people/man hours are put into the development of each and every topic. I know that there is no way to ensure that everything is 100% correct and that there is always a % of human error that can be expected. I think that I can now have students use this site also as one form of research. I want the students to become more technologically savy and having them use this tool would enable them to be better-rounded with technology.

Are you encountering resistance to using wikis in your class, either from others or from yourself? If so, how do you plan to respond?  I can’t say I am encountering resistance in my classroom because we have not even broached the subject of using a wiki in Language Arts. I will be introducing this topic to my class during the last couple of weeks of school in an effort to try this topic in my room!! I want to see how the students respond to this and how it motivates them to possibly write more.


Bookmarking plan

Outline a plan for using social bookmarking as a professional tool yourself, either for your own continuing professional development or to collaborate with colleagues.


I plan on using social bookmarking as a professional tool to continue my own professional development.  I have come so far in my use of Web 2.0 tools.  Through the variety of Masters classes I have developed a love for these tools and want to incorporate them into my classes at school.  I want to instruct my students how to develop and use blogs by establishing a classroom blog spot for all of my students to be able to use.  I would hope that this spurs a desire to write more for each of them.  I will use the social bookmarking tool as a way to do research on specifics to achieve that goal.  I will also be able to share with my teaching team these items.

RSS Feeds

I am not completely comfortable using RSS feeds yet.  I have looked at many but am still struggling with the linking and viewing of it all.  I feel that once I get the hang of it this will make my life of searching easier and faster.  I linked to topics that are close to my heart such as as autism, aspergers and NCLB.  I can’t wait to see more information at my fingertip daily. I do also like the fact that I can subscribe and unsubscribe to any link at any time.

Student Blog Project

In my Masters course I was given the task of searching for a student centered blog project.  I found one that it titled: The Blog Project.  Teacher blog link is:  The site consists of a grouping of individual student blogs from one class at Paris Cooperative High School.  Take some time to scroll down the list of topics that students feel passionate about.  The specific student that caught my attention started her topic on how cool it was to be an aunt!!  I love being an aunt so I wanted to see what it was like from a teenage perspective.  Visit her site if you wish.  The link to her blog is:

A little bit about me . . .

Let me introduce myself!  My name is Linda Stupic and I teach 4th and 6th graders at Marion Center Area School District.  I am finishing my 6th year of teaching and am also close to completing my Masters Degree in Online Teaching.  I love working with students in an effort to help them understand subjects that could give them some trouble.  I am anxious to aid my students in tying in the technology aspect of learning to the core subject aspect of learning.

I am married and have a 19 year old son and a 17 year old daughter.  Life is busy, but never to busy to learn.