I searched in the Creative Commons area of Flickr and softball pictures caught my eye!!   My daughter is extremely busy this time of year playing for her school on the varsity softball team and for a travel team in Western PA.  We love how busy the summer is with her involved in this sport.  I incorporated softball and baseball into a bulletin board and a class competition for the last grading period.  For each book read and the book test passed, the student will earn a run for their team.  I could incorporate this picture on my blog as an additional writing assignment for the students.  They could either write about what they like about baseball or softball; what the favorite part of the last book they completed; or, what position they would play if they participated in baseball or softball.  This picture on my blog could lead to much needed additional writing actions without the students really realizing it.

Image citation:

SV. (2012, April 7). MDI vs Calais Baseball & Softball. Stealthvader Photostream. Retrieved April 5, 2014, from


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