6C2 – Skype Ideas

Face – to – Face !

I had the pleasure of skyping with Mindy who is also an elementary teacher.  We were able to share some thoughts on how we liked skype along with discussing our coursework for our individual masters degree.  Through this discussion questions came up and Mindy provided me with much welcoming information!  

I think that I could use skype with my older students in the form of “pen pals” even with the other elementary school in my district.  I know that one of my faculty members had to sell hard the idea of skyping with another school on a social studies item.  I also would need to get my administration on board with the usefulness of this Web 2.0 tool.  

I also think that as a faculty member in need of time, that skype would be useful in the collaboration of grade level teams for planning purposes and brainstorming.  Skype could be used endlessly if used right!  My hope for using skype is to open the eyes of my students to new tools they have never used; and for myself to efficiently develop lessons that help my students.


3 thoughts on “6C2 – Skype Ideas

  1. Linda,

    I also thought it would be great to use Skype with students in other schools. I really like your idea of working with another school in your district. I have always wanted to have pen pals in other countries, and I think that by starting in our school first my students would feel really comfortable. Also by doing this they would get to learn about the great things that others schools are doing in our district! You had a great idea about using it for grade level meetings. Our grade level meetings are always so beneficial, but we just don’t have enough time to have them often!


  2. Erin Oldfield says:

    Great thoughts on ensuring your students have authentic virtual learning experiences! Like many of the technologies we are discussing, the benefits are endless if we find the time to put in. I do think that getting used to Skype meetings could be helpful in a number of ways – keep us updated on how it goes!

  3. I agree with everything you said. It is great for school districts to use in place of grade level meetings too. I like your ideas with pen pals, because as fun as the potential of pen pals are most kids still hate to write. By using skype to do pen pals would peak interest and motivate.

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