A Paperless Class?

How would a paperless class change your role as a teacher?

I don’t think a paperless class would change my role at all as a teacher.  I feel that my role is not a lecturer, but as a leader.  I can still lead my students, even without paper!

How would paperless classes change learning?

A paperless class would enhance the learning in my classroom for many topics.  I know that my students would like to not “hand write” answers to open ended writing prompts.  I think that, if given the chance, my students would provide better, more in-depth answers if given the chance to type it out.  My problem to this is the fact that I do not have enough computers in my room to facilitate this.

How would you measure learning in a paperless class?

I would measure learning by the finished product that the students turn in.  There should be a rubric for the students to look at in order to understand and “see” the requirements per project, unit or report.  Class participation via blog or wiki would also count toward learning.

Would a paperless space make it easier or harder to build a learning network? Why?

I think that would all depend on the technology available to the students.  I was able to choose this class due to the fact that I have the internet and a laptop at home and can access it at any time.  My students  in my 6th grade language arts class currently, when polled to see who would be able to log into a site and “hear” a story read to them at home, only 75% of the kids had access.  In this instance it made it harder for me and the learning environment I wanted to establish for my students.  If everyone had access and was willing, I feel that a paperless space would be easier to build a learning network.


One thought on “A Paperless Class?

  1. jennhund says:

    Lack of computers is an issue that we have at our school as well. In fact, even though we have a strict no personal technology rule in place, our principal has become more and more lax about it. We are allowed to let students use their phone or hand held devices (if we choose to) when they need to get on the internet or make a note. Some of the kids are better at using their thumbs to type up material now than they are at typing–maybe if they were allowed to use their own technology this could be a bit more feasible.

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