Big Shift – 7-A-1

Big Shift – Mastery is the Product, Not the Test

This shift has affected my teaching practice in the area of expected end result.  I no longer look only for paper-pencil responses.  I challenge students with options in how they feel most comfortable in providing their individual end result to a project.

I think that providing students with options in lieu of one standard way of showing what they know allows them to take ownership of their knowledge.  I will definitely utilize this tool for more lessons in the future.

My view of the Web 2.0 tools has changed toward the positive and the possible during this course.  I had previously assumed ideas of Wikipedia, wikis, and blogs but thru the work and learning in this course, I have grown to utilize them and appreciate the ease of use and the overall variety that can be provided by these.

Technology will become a more consistent utilized tool in my classroom in the future.  I am finding that technology can make learning more concrete to students who struggle with writing and or reading.  I have firsthand knowledge that students who struggle with some academics can easily excel at using technology to get their point across.  I like the idea of my students being able to do whatever they want in school thru technology.


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