In reviewing the “for and against” articles I am torn between the two. I know that for Connectivism to be successful in the classroom a teacher does have to buy in 100% and the teacher also has to ensure that the students know how to locate the information necessary through all of the resources and networks.  For me, and working with 4th through 6th graders I don’t know that is something that can be achieved.  I feel as if I would spend all of my time teaching and reteaching where to find items and not getting the chance to work with having the students learn what they need to.  I also have to take into account the availability of technology to my students.  In the area I work in, not all students/families have the internet and or a computer in their home.  This makes having the students master the art of online learning extremely tough.

I also feel that students benefit from a variety of learning platforms for themselves.  Working with learning support students almost entirely I feel that students need to have both textbooks and technology to learn from.  I do not feel that one is more superior than the other in providing differentiation to all students.

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