8A1 – Web Applications

I would pick Zoho Notebook as a web application for student use specifically when designing their own web page to tie into the class blog.  This application would permit students who are visual learners to create items that contain images, audio or video along with text.  This allows for many students who have difficulty with just producing text, such as my learning support students, an application that makes an even playing field.  Students can share with each other what they are doing by giving their peers read/write permission.  This is also a site where they can gather information for themselves thru an aggregate application.    I like the application since you could also connect to Zoho writer, Zoho Sheet, and Zoho mail.  There are many other applications through this application. 

Students are always ready for a challenge when it comes to working online that they might not be if asked to perform the same function with paper and pencil.  Often times working with the computer in a specific program enables learning support to complete the task at the same pace as all other students.


One thought on “8A1 – Web Applications

  1. jennhund says:

    Another point scored for zoho–I cannot believe how popular this web app is getting. I guess I really need to look into this more; I’ve had one experience with zoho a few years back (where colleagues and I could update/change some courses), and then we phased it out for something else. I don’t recall it being exceptional, but with it getting so much recognition in this class, I feel like I have to revisit it.

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