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The podcast I found was related to math and specific to fractions.  It is titled “What are numerators and denominators”. This podcast is found under the site “quick and dirty tips” which has lots of podcasts related to education in it.   

I would use this podcast as an introduction to saying fractions once I introduce fractions to my students.

I would use this podcast to re-teach the concept of how to say fractions.  I have a pullout math class where the students are performing below grade level in their math class.  I like any technology tool available for students to aid in their understanding of a concept and to help make a teachable moment.  This podcast specifically is a good tool to use because it has a man’s voice on it which is different than mine (woman!) and it breaks down the specifics of how to say the number in  the numerator part of the fraction and how to say the number in the denominator part of the fraction.

Link to podcast: